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Journey of Thanks Bharat

How struggle led to

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If you want to open an evening class for those children who do not go to school then we are here to help you. We will provide you essential study material. We might die after an hour, a year or ten years but before we die we should do something good for our society, country and world. If you want to become a proud volunteer then join us and start serving the nation in a true way.

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Om Darshan

is the true way of living

Om is the original source of all true knowledge, happiness and prosperity. Finding and worshiping Om is the only solution to all human problems.

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No one stays good in this world. There are thousands of people who call you evil no matter how good you are. Never let anyone's words affect you. Just be and do good because it will improve your own karma.


यदि हानि अवश्यम्भावी है तो अपनी हानि भले ही हो जाये किन्तु अपने कारण किसी दूसरे की हानि कभी नहीं होनी चाहिए । थैंक्स भारत परिवार से जुड़े हुए लोग इसी विचार से बच्चों को पढ़ाते रहें और विद्या का प्रचार करते रहें यही शुभकामना देता हूँ । साथ ही साथ सभी स्वयं की उन्नति भी करें तभी समाज की उन्नति संभव है। Azad Singh MalikFounder Of Thanks Bharat Trust. Azad Singh Malik Rahul Arya has brought religious revolution by spreading the light of truth to millions of people in this era. Today, following the footsteps of Rahul Arya, hundreds of people are spreading the true religion. Radha Rani Radha Rani सनातन वैदिक धर्म का तेजस्वी सूर्य अधर्म के बादलों से ढका हुआ था। Thanks Bharat ने अधर्म के उन बादलों को धर्म से छांट कर फिर से उस सत्य सनातन वैदिक के सूर्य के दर्शन करवाये हैं और सभी सनातनियों को गौरान्वित किया है जो पहले अज्ञानता के कारण केवल शंका व लज्जा का ही अनुभव करते थे । गौरव कुमार गौरव कुमार Om Sandeep Sood Sandeep Sood It’s never too late to make changes and to get onto the right path in your life. Thanks Bharat is doing a great job by helping individuals to give life a new perspective and to understand the true meaning of life without ignoring Dharm. What is more beautiful than gaining satya widya (true knowledge). Rahul Arya has been through a lot by spreading the truth. And this without any self-interest. Let’s all become like Rahul Arya and make the world a better place. Preshisham Aaryaa Preshisham Aaryaa Previous Next Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Telegram