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Namaste, dear reader,
Welcome to “Thanks Bharat.” This is a platform for everyone, irrespective of gender, standing race, language or origin, to become wiser every time. Here you can find books to purchase and blogs to read. We sell religious, history, politics, stories, educational, forgotten books, health & lifestyle books etc. at

    Hunt The Treasure, Find The Pleasure

    Knowledge is power. Are you ready to hunt this treasure? If yes, please continue and find the pleasure! Where there is a will, there is a way! Remember, only omniscient¹ wisdom makes you feel rich and Thanks Bharat is the right place to accumulate this wisdom!

    For 2 years, we produced videos on several topics about Wed², Dharm³, forgotten books, mahapurush's, comparison of religions and its doubts. Within two years Thanks Bharat made great progress, has many followers and is a huge success. Now it is empowering more than 2000,000+ people globally. With more than 7 million views in a month it has given a positive twist to the way of thinking of people and their way of life.

    Thanks Bharat videos are an eye-opener for many people. If you have not seen any yet, I would say start watching now! May it also have a positive twist to your way of thinking. Besides making videos we thought about something new. This made us bought the domain on 23 November 2018. We gives you information and advice on various subjects and issues which is based on world's oldest scriptures.

    Thanks Bharat Objective

    Thanks Bharat has helped and still helps a lot of individuals to give a new perspective on life by explaining what is true and what is not true, what is good and what is bad. It is in fact for your own benefit to accept truth and to reject untruth. It will be trial and error but finally you will understand the true meaning of life.

    'Always think, do and be Positive; With your words, you have the power to change people minds.' - Rahul Arya

    ‘‘योयथाचिन्तयतितथाभवति’’ अर्थात् The mind is everything, what you think you become.

    When people lie to others, betray and take advantage of others for their own benefit the atmosphere becomes poisonous from all sides. This is the reason for quarrels at home, between countries and illness etc.

    The day everybody understand that to achieve real happiness you have to give instead of getting, that day all problems will be solved and ended.


    आत्मनःप्रतिकूलानिपरेषांनसमाचरेत्।। - वेदव्यास

    अर्थ→ धर्म के सार को सुनो और सुनकर हृदयंगम करो। जो व्यव्हार हम दूसरों से अपने लिए चाहते है हमें भी दूसरों के साथ वैसा ही व्यव्हार करना चाहिए।

    Listen to the essence of Dharm and after listening take it into your heart. The things which are unfavorable to us, do not do that in the same way to others.

    To achieve this purpose it is important to expose the people who are spreading falsehood and poisonous things and we must spread the truth. Because if poison reach the stomach it kills a person, whereas if poison reached many by listening it would kill thousands/millions people.

    Background of Thanks Bharat

    In 2010, Rahul Arya told this all to his elder brother. Rohit saw desire and determination of his younger brother for this purpose and taught him how to use Facebook. At that time Rahul Arya was 15+ years old. Rohit was doing IT/Engineering. When Rohit used to come at home from hostel, Rahul Arya used to take his phone to open Facebook to find new people for a good cause. To work on his purpose Rahul Arya started a website by his own in 2013. Every month 100,000+ people take advantage from it. From 2010 till 2014 Rahul Arya was able to do all what he has done because of the saved pocket money of his elder brother. In 2014 Rohit got a job and both has been working for welfare of society.

    On 23 march 2016, Rahul Arya started teaching poor kids with some of his fellows in Arya Samaj Bank Colony. On this date ‘Thanks Bharat’ came into his mind. Thanks Bharat only took 2 years to clean the mess on Youtube and open its way for good people. Rahul Arya uploaded his first video in 2013 when he spoke for the first time in a public event. That video is watched by 5000 people.

    On 7 October 2018 the day of Dipawali, TBIANS have cleaned the mess at Twitter by setting the trend #BeingRam and connected good people to each other.

    Havisha Aaryaa
    Women Behind

    Now I Havisha Aarya want that this revolution should also happen on Google, because 70 to 80 percent lies and poisons have been spreading on Google since many years.

    On 23 November 2018 I bought the domain from an unknown person for an expansive price, because after watching the popularity of Thanks Bharat on YouTube someone already had bought this domain. To defeat bad people all good people should come together and should spread the good.

    Who is Rahul Arya?

    Watch Videos Below to know each and every aspect of Arya's life

    Who is Rahul Arya?
    Who is Rahul Arya? This is an interview


    <1>Ishwar (Om) - the original source of all true knowledge.

    <2>Wed - the scripture of all true knowledge.

    <3>Dharm - the practice of fair righteousness together with sincerity in words, deeds and thoughts and such like (virtues) in short, that what is in accordance with the will of Ishwar as expressed in Wed.

    <4>Mahapurush - a great man who sacrifices everything for the welfare of humanity.