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Aeroplane - Complete History with unknown facts

Aeroplane - Complete History with unknown facts

Aero planes – Preface

Blog originally written by RAHUL ARYA. Translated from Hindi to English by AMISHA ARYAA.

Over the past decades, interest of Indians has grown towards Indian aero plane technology. However, there is a lack of information and texts such as Viman Shastra (book discussing the aero plane technology). This article is not merely based on mugged up information, instead, it has elaboration on history and relevant books. It is filled with extremely important information and facts. Most probably, this much elaboration is not available throughout Google. I hope, you will read it till the end with patience and fulfill my purpose. There is one request, instead of sharing this article by copying and pasting, please share its link because some people edit the copied text and change its meaning according to themselves which renders the public from getting its original motive. Therefore, the best option is to share it via link. Also, please mention it on your website and other social platforms.

- Rahul Arya

Founder, Thanks Bharat


  • Introduction
  • Why rake up the old wounds?
  • Two important incidents of the World’s history
  • Who informed the history of Aero planes foremost?
  • King Uparichara and A.O. Hume
  • Who was the foremost discoverer?
  • Evidence of aero plane technology in Mahabharata
  • Presence of aero planes in India until 500 A.D.
  • Two and a half pages of Dhanurveda
  • Aero plane in Vedas
  • Steam engine
  • PushpakVimaan – Aircraft technology in Ramayana
  • Various examples of airplanes in India
  • Vimaan shastra (Aircraft technology) – Free download
  • ShivkarBapujiTalpade
  • Conclusion and prospective – Extremely important
  • Books


Invention of aircraft is considered as the flagship invention ever done by science. This invention leaves the human beings astonished. Today, the whole world accepts that on December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers made and flew the first aircraft. Unfortunately, most of the Indians say that West gave this invention to the world but this is the biggest lie. This elaboration will put a final curtain over this lie.

“Why rake up the old wounds?”

Nowadays, if someone talks about presence of science and relevant information in India, Indians do not delay in saying, “Why rake up the old wounds?” Therefore, answering this question becomes crucial before heading on further. People who say, ‘Live in the present’, ‘Who has seen Tomorrow?’, ‘Let bygones be bygones’, are the ones who take most out of the history. Human beings are surrounded and filled with history. We take pictures and record videos to preserve our history. Many times, I have seen thatdead bodies have to be dug out for investigation. Whatever we do becomes a thing of the past, but its result is only achieved later in the future.

Every day of the job/work becomes past, but it is paid in the future. Had not we done the work appropriately, problems could arise while getting paid or we might have to face insult. Similarly, if our past is good, there would be no problem. If a child does not go to school for two days, he would be afraid to go the third day. On the contrary, if his past is good, for instance, he has completed his homework and not taken any leave, he would stay happy and perform upcoming tasks with full dedication.

Identical is the case with a nation. History shows us right path in the present and is the foundation of our bright future. It is only possible through history that we can proceed towards happiness by learning about the prestigious work done by our ancestors and save ourselves from making same mistakes that were made by them. That is why, it used to be compulsory for a king to reflect upon the history for a specific period every day.

Two important incidents of the World’s history

  • Greece defeated Faras in 493 B.C. The emperor of Faras, Darius asked his servant to say, ‘My lord, remember the people of Athens’ before him every day. Upon this, Faras defeated Greece.
  • For about 1700 years, Jews were the victims of Muslims and Christians. They had to leave their culturally significant place, Jerusalem and wander at other places. Whenever Jews met each other, they would say, ‘we will meet in Jerusalem next year’. At present, Jerusalem (the capital of Israel) is under the control of Jews.

In conclusion, those who kept their history in mind at all times were able to get their lost prestige and power back. However, Indians are sitting with closed eyes upon the world’s incidents. We can awake the one who is sleeping, not the one who has faked his sleep. (Join Thanks Bharat family on You Tube).

Who was the first to inform the history of Air crafts?

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati was the first in18th century to state, ‘Humans can fly by making air crafts’. He was the one to make the topic of aircraft technology a talking point for public. He started to spread awareness about this technology by organizing programs and presenting evidence of aircrafts in India/Bharat. Hindus, who were slaves for hundreds of years, were suspicious of the technology and they considered all inventions to be a gift of Europe.

King Uparichara and A.O. Hume

When slave-minded Indians used to appreciate Westerns in the name of invention of train, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati said in 1874,

‘There was a king named Uparichar. He would never touch the land and always fly in the sky. People of ancient India knew the art of making aircrafts for fighting and wars. I have also seen a book based on the same. Poor people also had aero planes at that time (the same way as the Americans have cars). Think for a moment, is invention of train more appreciable than aircrafts?’
Nirvana Shatigranth, 1983, page 94>

A.O. Hume, who later laid the foundation of Indian National Congress (INC) on 28 December 1885, mocked Swami Dayanand by saying,

‘Humans can only fly in hot-air balloons. One can fly by making aircrafts in dreams only. Swami ji is not well mentally.’

[Rare book Deshbhakton ke balidan, Hamari Virasatand M.D.N. shati book (all available).

It has been 133 years now since INC was founded and Rahul Gandhi has replaced A.O. Hume but still, there seems no difference in their thoughts.

Who was the foremost inventor?

Who invented the aircrafts? Answering this question, Swami Dayanand said,

‘Vishwakarma was a person who had a system of art and skills. Vishwakarma is a name of parmeshwar (god) and one of the architects. Therefore, he proposed a mechanism of making aircraft. Later, Aryans (Hindus/Indians) used it for their travel’.


Vishwakarma's name can be found mentioned in many books of history. This concludes, Vishwakarma invented aircraft by studying Vedas millions of years ago.

Evidence of aero plane technology in Mahabharata

Drupad believed that Pandavas did not die of burns in Lakshagraha. He wanted her daughter to marry Arjun. Therefore, father of Draupadi sent a message of Swayamwar (a practice of letting the girl choose her groom) through a device which used to fly in the sky so that Pandavas could hear that information. (However, Draupadi married Yudhishthir later.)

यन्त्रंवैहायसंचापिकारयामासकृत्रिमम् ।
तेनयन्त्रेणसमितंराजालक्ष्यंचकारसः ।।

महाभारत, आदिपर्व

This means Drupad also made an artificial device which would fly in the sky with a high speed. They placed a shot of same size as the pore on top of the device.

Shri Krishna and Arjun took Rishi Uddyalak to King Yudhishthir in America in an aircraft called Agniyaan Nauka. Then, Yudhishthir says, “त्वत्कृतेपृथिवीसर्वामद्वशेकृष्णवर्तते ।” that means, ‘O Krishna, the whole earth has come under my control just because of your graciousness’. This shloka (statement) from Mahabharata makes it evident that the whole world bowed down to India’s power, strength and knowledge.

Sudarshan chakra – A wonderful weapon

क्षिप्तंक्षिप्तंरणेचैतत्त्वयामाधवशत्रुशु ।
हत्वाप्रतिहतंसंख्येपाणिमेष्यतितेपुनः ।।

Mahabharata, Aadiparva

A great architect, who gave Sudarshan chakra to Shri Krishna, says, ‘Dear, this weapon will come to your hand on its own without getting destroyed by thunderbolts whenever you will use it against your enemies.’ (Coming into hand with a high speed after achieving a goal is one of the most important characteristics of this weapon. The greatness of this weapon is evident by the fact that no scientists have been able to invent such a device in this modern era).

After verifying all such proofs, who could say that there was no aircraft technology 5154 years ago during the period of Mahabharata? All our scientific knowledge got destroyed in the battle of Mahabharata. All scholars and architects got killed. However, let us direct you towards the remaining proofs of scientific knowledge even after thousands of years later.

Presence of aero planes in India until 500 A.D.

King Bhoj was the emperor of India about 1550 years ago. Scholars, architects and authors were highly appreciated and respected during his reign. The great poet, Kalidasa, was also a person who existed during that period. I have myself read his ancient texts called Bhojprabandha and Samrangan-sutradhar. Similarly, Mehrishi Dayanand Saraswati provides the evidence of Bhojprabandha in 11th chapter of Satyarth Prakash (a work of Swami Dayanand Saraswati):

घट्येकयाकोशदशैकमश्वःसुकृत्रिमोगच्छतिचारूगत्या ।
वायुंददातिव्यजनंसुपुष्कलंविनामनुष्येणचलत्यजस्त्रं ।।


That is, during the rule of King Bhoj, there used to be such architects who made an aircraft similar the shape of a horse. It would travel 11 miles and 27.5 miles in 24 minutes and an hour respectively. It had an ability to travel into space as well as on land. A second device was a fan which would operate on itself without being operated by the humans and also provided nice wind. If these two devices stayed intact until present, the Europeans would bow down to India/Bharat.

Two and a half pages of Dhanurveda

Swami Dayanand (the man with round face) and his teacher were the pioneers of a revolt led by saints in 1857. I will discuss this topic in specific in some other blog. However, Swami ji was very disappointed when this revolt failed due to Indians’ mutual misunderstandings and lack of weapons. He once said -

“Upon visiting the whole nation (India), I have found two and a half pages of Dhanurveda (texts involving details on wars and politics). If I stayed alive, I will publish the full version of it.”

This statement was repeated by him in November 1878 <Ajmer and Rishi Dayanand, page 61 and Deshbhakton ke balidaan, page 500 (both of the rare books are available)>. Unfortunately, Swami Dayanand could not even complete the exposition of Vedas and he was murdered through a conspiracy.

Aero plane in Vedas

Vedas are the ultimate source of all true knowledge spread throughout the world. Several mantras describing details about crafts used on land, sea and space could be found in Vedas. How do aero planes look like? What speed do they travel with? How are they made? Vedas include answers to all these questions with so much details that it is difficult to brief the information within this article. For more information on this, you must study “नौविमानादिविद्याविषयः” of “ऋग्वेदादिभाष्यभूमिका”. I believe that the presence of this book in every Hindu’s home is extremely important. It covers, in brief, all topics and information discussed in Vedas. You must purchase unrevised/original Vedas if you are capable to do so.

  • Some mantras from Vedas describing Aircraft technology
    • Those who fight with boats in sea, raths on earth and aircrafts in sky, always achieve prosperity <Rigved Bhashya, Mantra no. 1.61.7> (Join Thanks Bharat on YouTube and Google)
    • Craft should have the capability to travel back and forth on land, water and space at least three times within one day or night. <Rigveda Bhashya, Mantra no. 1.34.2>
    • An aircraft must be capable of going around the universe within 11 days.

The king who appreciates warriors, people having knowledge of making jets and does his best to preserve precious knowledge, gets fame and his glory spreads like sun rays (Rigved Bhashya, Mantra no. 6.29.2). (For example, scholars, soldiers and scientists are recognized in Europe and the Americas, which suggests that they follow Vedic teachings here).

The process and procedures for making jets is described in these mantras of Vedas:

Rigved 1.164.48, Rigved 1.34.2, Rigved 1.34.9 etc.

Steam engine

Everyone thinks of steam engine as the foundation of all inventions and scientific world, which itself comes from the Vedas. Rigved 1.34.10 suggests making a part in the vehicle for discharge of steam. “When water and fire are combined to drive a vehicle, it starts to move. Therefore, leave some space in the vehicle to let steam escape which will increase its speed”.

Mantras related to aircrafts in Vedas:

(Yajurved 21.6, 4.34, 33.73). [Rigved 1.85.4, 1.117.15, 1.116.4, 6.63.7, 1.34.12, 1.164.3, 1.108.1, 1.104.1, 1.34.7, 1.184.5, 1.16.7, 4.45.4, 1.85.7, (Please learn Devnagri numerals for more mantras) १.८७.२, १.८८.१, १.९२.१६, १.१०६.१, १.१०६.२, १.११२.१३, १.११६.५, १.११७.२, १.११९.१, १.१२०.१०, १.१४०.१२, १.१५७.२, १.१६३.६, ११.६७.२, १.१६६.५, १.१८१.३, १.१८२.५, २.१८.१, २.१८.५, २.४०.३, ३.१४.१, ३.२३.१, ३.४१.९, ३.५८.३,८,९, ४.१७.१४, ४.३१.१४, ४.४३.२, ४.४५.७, ४.४६.४, ५.५६.६, ५.६२.४, ५.७७.३, ६.४६.११, ६.५८.३, ६.६०.१२, ७.३२.२७)

Pushpak Vimaan – Aircraft technology in Ramayana

Kuber’s Pushpak Vimaan (an aircraft) is mentioned at many places in Mahabharta. Ravana achieved it by defeating Kuber in war. Now, some people argue that only one air vehicle is mentioned, so, there was no knowledge about aircrafts. I feel pity on such people’s thinking. The thing to observe here is that how could have Ravana defeated Kuber to achieve Pushpak Viman without air force and air weapons? Obviously, he must have had amazing aircrafts to defeat Kuber.

Therefore, Pushpak Vimaan was considered as the best aircraft, in terms of speed, appearance and popularity, of that time. Aircraft technology and its knowledge used to be a common thing at that time. Thus, whatever is normal, is not mentioned repeatedly. Still, mention of jets can be found at many places in Ramayana.

When Lakshmana (Shri Ram’s younger brother) was lying fainted on ground, Ravana ordered demons to take Sita (Shri Ram’s wife) in Pushpak Vimaan to see dead Shri Ram and Lakshmana (they were not actually dead).


दीनात्रिजटयासीतालंकामेवप्रवेशिता ।।

After taking Sita and letting her see Shri Ram and Lakshmana, Trijata (a demon) returned to Lanka swiftly (with high speed) in Pushpak Vimaan. Sita ji was sad after seeing her husband and brother-in-law.

Similarly, after the war ended, Vibhishana (Ravana’s brother) made arrangement for Shri Ram’s return in Pushpak Vimaan.

क्षिप्रमारोह सुग्रीव विमानं वानरैः सह 
त्वमप्यारोह सामात्यो राक्षसेन्द्र विभीषण ।।

Following Shri Ram’s order, all Vanars along with Vibhishana sat in Pushpak Vimaan and left for Shri Ram’s coronation in Ayodhya. (Just imagine how big that Pushpak Vimaan might be!)

On their way to Ayodhya, various places were observed by all which is also called as air observation.

In Sundarkaand, Sugriva asks his forest manager, Dadhimukh, to protect Purvavat forest and send all other soldiers, along with Hanumana, to him.

Following Sugriva’s order, Dadhimukh left via “Air way”

प्रणम्यतान्सर्वान्दिवमेवोत्पपात ।।

This suggests that there was not only Pushpak Vimaan in Ramayana but many people had their own air planes to travel by air. I have demonstrated the presence of air planes in brief.

Various examples of airplanes in India

There is a description of air planes, which would resemble the shape of a peacock, in ancient book named “Gayachintamani”. On the other hand, Shalva’s plane was capable of travelling through air, on land and water as well.

सलब्ध्वाकामगंयानंतमोधामदुरासदम् ।
ययौद्वारवतींशाल्वोवैरंवृष्णीकृतंस्मरन् ।।
क्वचिद्भूमौक्वचिद्व्योम्निगिरिश्रृंगेजलेक्वचिद् ।

Abhigyan Shakuntalam also talks about usage of air planes by King Dushyant. Air plane builders were not only present during Boddh era but until the reign of King Bhoj, which you might have probably understood after reading above mentioned evidence. A mechanic flew with air plane from Boddhiraj Kumar’s jail. .

पुत्रदारमरूससकुनस्यकुच्छियंनिसिदार्यत्वा ।
वातपातेननिक्सनित्वाप्लानि ।।

धम्मपाद -बोधिराजकुमारवत्थु

Our own people question the presence of air craft technology before foreigners do. This include Ambedkar followers who wish to take revenge. Casteism proliferated throughout India after Muslims came here. There is no place for casteism in Hinduism. You will find several videos regarding this on Thanks Bharat channel on YouTube. Only after I pubilshed the videos, people came to know about conspiracies of Pandits and recognized our great sages. I have proved the existence of air craft technology with Boddhgranth or Boddh’s book. I hope you will never beg after a foreigner with gold-bowl in hand. We must live with pride since we are the descendants of great sages.

Vimaan shastra (Aircraft technology)

There is no denying the fact that Indians after being slaves for a long time and enemies with a feeling of revenge, everything was done to destroy our culture and knowledge. This is the reason why literature having all the information about aircrafts is difficult to locate in ancient texts. Fortunately, I have found a copy of Maharishi Bhardwajkrita’s ‘Brihadvimanshastra’. One of its copies can be found in Baroda state library as Delhi governments’ Sanskrit Academy is looking forward to publish its Sanskrit version. Therefore, it seems that a high level of information about aircraft technology could be found in this book.

About 25 years ago, a paper written by research scholars from Aeronautics division from Institute of science of Bangalore was published in Madras’s daily The Hindu. That paper said, “Flying procedures of an aircraft named ’Rukmi’ could be understood from Brihadvimanshastra written by sage Bhardwaj. That procedure can also be used today for flying planes. However, it is difficult to understand the information about other air planes.”

Due to lack of practice and further research on ancient Sanskrit texts over hundreds of years, it is difficult to understand their words, definitions and certain principles. Still, an Indian managed to make an aircraft after reading those texts in 1895. (I have made this book available on my other website,, for free download).

Shivkar Bapuji Talpade

Many people ask me (Rahul Arya) about the validity of whatever Rajiv Dixit ji has said about Shivkar Bapuji Talpade. I believe that Shivkar Bapuji Talpade was one of the most important people in history. However, there is a lack of information on this. A film named ‘Hawaizaada’ was made on him. However, Shivkar Bapuji Talpade as a Sanskrit scholar and a member of Arya Samaj, Kakadwadi (a place in Maharashtra state of India) was portrayed in a wrong way to make film interesting. Thus, it has become a question for media all over the world as if aero plane was an invention of an Indian? He started a research center focusing on making air planes after getting inspired from Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati in 1882. He made the first model of aero plane after reading Swami Dayanand’s Rigvedadibhashyabhumika and flew the world’s first aero plane at Mumbai’s famous Juhu beach in 1895. Now the question arises, how is it possible for a person to not leave any paper, book or model of his invention? Britishers must have taken that air plane model from him by pretending to provide financial help to develop the model. From there, making of aero planes started and somehow Wright Brothers found documents enclosing information about aero planes and all the credit for invention was given to them.

Afterwards, Europeans made big aero planes since they had colossal amounts of money and Shivkar Bapuji Talpade was forgotten. He was deeply hurt by this and he started to deconstruct Brihadvimanshastra with the help of Subramaniam Shastri in 1916. He was working on an air plane named Marutshikha from 1915 to 1917. This time he was planning for making a flagship aero plane that would expose false inventors, Wright Brothers but, unfortunately, he died on 17 September 1917. Some people from Arya Samaj believe that he was very close to making an aero plane and his death was a conspiracy. Some information could be found about this on Wikipedia which has been edited by our arya scholars. All Hindus, except Arya Samajis, are quiet in this regard. Was to awake India’s pride only the responsibility of Swami Dayanand and Shivkar Bapuji Talpade?

Conclusion and prospective – Extremely important

Ex-Prime Minister of Britain, Lord Palmerston, once said in British Parliament on 12 February 1958:

“When culture and civilization was at its
peak in Aryavart (India), Europeans were
completely wild.”

There is no denying the fact that man saw the dawn of scientific knowledge and art for the first time in India. Whatever knowledge is spread throughout the world is a gift of Aryan race and its culture. The following important texts on this topic would be published later in future:

  • Ancient Indian Science
    • History behind the start of science from Germany
    • How our science ended?
    • Why are there no remains of aero planes and aircrafts
    • Hitler- Good or bad?

I hope you have found this blog useful, evidence-based and pride-awakening. Please share link of this blog with your family, friends and people you know.


I believe that unless every Indian start reading their ancient texts, there would be no positive result. It is not possible for mere 10-12 people to bring about a change. A colossal number of people will have to become proficient and come on grounds for making a positive change in the society. When many people with capabilities, proficiency and self-learning qualities will work together then only we must be able to see a change and whole nation will transform, eventually. For this to make a success, we must read ancient texts and understand what they actually mean. Now, a question will arise, ‘Where to find our ancient books?’ Some books could still be found for purchase in market. You can purchase three of those pure texts from Amazon by clicking the following links:

  1. Four Vedas (Hindi-Sanskrit) - Only buy Maharishi Dayanand’s narration
    1. Rigvedaadibhashyabhumika
    1. Satyarth Prakash

We distributed hundreds of PDFs among people for free but no benefit was observed. Therefore, we started charging INR 125 for purchasing those priceless books. 15-20 people have purchased them till now and that small number has come out to be equal to many. Thus, if you also want to purchase them for small amount of money, you can. The purpose behind charging money is to keep your pride and devotion towards the books alive and you will not perceive them as useless. Moreover, heretics would not be able to obtain these books for unnecessary opposition. However, there is a high possibility of opposition and loss if provided for free. These books will be provided to you in a PDF, after purchase, which you can download and print.

If you have observed any positive change in yourself because of Thanks Bharat, please go to ‘About’ section of this website and leave comments describing your experiences. It will always add to its beauty. is a website of your own and your family. Please put this in the website column of your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all other social platforms. If you or a person you know owns a website, then please add this link to any webpage and blog. Moreover, please ask audience to visit Thanks Bharat so that truth can reach everyone and we can fight against evils. I hope you all will support us.

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I am thankful to all those who are supporting us constantly for social work. Only in last few months, I have been able to financially help people who work for society.

End of Script

Rahul Arya

Paush, Shukla Panchami

2075 Vikramabd

Important note:

  • If you have observed any positive change in yourself because of Thanks Bharat, please go to ‘About’ section of this website and leave comments describing your experiences. It will always add to the beauty of this website.
    • is a website of your own and your family. Please put this in the website column of your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all other social platforms.
    • If you or a person you know owns a website, then please add this link to any webpage and blog. Moreover, please ask audience to visit Thanks Bharat so that truth can reach everyone and we can fight against evils.
    • I hope all members of Thanks Bharat family will support us.

Blog originally written by Rahul Arya. Translated from Hindi to English by Amisha Aryaa.

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Vinay Kumar Singh - January 3, 2021

Graet imformation on aerplane. This was invented by wright brother in earlly 1900s.. I had the change of reading the bible, there is no mention of aerolplanes in it. Eagles are used as means of transport.
We Hindus should be proud that our scriptures from 1000s of year mentioned Vimans, which are aeroplanes.

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