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Help us by joining our campaign and feel proud by helping those who need you.

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Become a teacher of “Makers of Bharat” campaign by teaching needy children. We will help you in establishing your class.

We will prepare you

Don’t worry about your study experience. We will prepare you in Rahul Arya’s guidance.

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Thanks Bharat Trust

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Do you think Om (Ultimate God) has given you more than you need then invest in divine deeds instead of bank.

About Us

Thanks Bharat is a family of people who consider it their religion to serve humanity by establishing peace and brotherhood. More than 1.5 million members joined our family all over on social media.

Our Mission

We want to make the whole world noble. The peacefull world where everyone will be happy and healthy in every aspect. We firmly believe that without giving moral education to children nothing could change.

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Our Causes

Tie your life to a great cause, not to people or things and you will be happy forever.             – Rahul Arya

Donate for Programs

Today everyone knows that Rahul Arya is spreading the divine knowledge day and night by going door to door. Help him to make his dreams true.
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Donate for a Gurukul

We will donate this amount to those gurukul's who are engaged in revival of Vedic teachings. You can donate them by yourself also. We have given some selfless organization in our Associates next to the footer.
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Sponsor a Class

Our volunteers are working on child education with fooding. Without giving moral education we can not become world leader. We want to teach basic righteousness teachings to every child of Bharat. Help us in reaching to every doorstep.
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Want to join with us?

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Start spreading “Makers of Bharat” movement to every doorstep and feel proud in serving our great nation. You can join us in many way i.e by giving time, by giving essential goods, by starting a class in your area etc.

Our Gallery

Look at a glance on these pictures in which we are spreading the teachings of humanity, peace and harmony in the guidance of Rahul Arya.

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Our Volunteers

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Azad Singh

Founder, Thanks Bharat Trust

The greatest strength of Rahul Arya who is no longer in...

Radha Rani

Founder member, TBT

Always do charity work without blaming each other. It will save...

Vidya Sagar Garg

Associate Member

Always doing work for the society. Primary aim is to make...

Krishan Mohan

Founder member of TBT

Although he lives in Britain, but still the spirit of sacrificing...


Principal adviser

No one is perfect but only OM (ultimate god). Don't waste...

Dhruv Sharma

Associate Member of TBT


Founder Member of TBT

Sandeep Sood

Associate Member of TBT

Despite being in Italy, he always worry a lot about Bharat....


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नासा – दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी चोर एजेंसी

विषय भारत में विज्ञान था तो समाप्त कैसे हुआ?उनके अवशेष उपलब्ध क्यों नहीं है ?द्वितीय विश्वयुद्ध और जर्मनीकैसे जर्मनी के दस्तावेज चुराकर...
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